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What makes a good Airbrush Makeup Kit?

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Airbrush makeup has been on the market for many years, and its popularity has grown because of the spectacular and smooth results it provides. For example, airbrush makeup foundation gives a better coverage even though it is slightly thin in texture. It is easy applying the makeup in an even manner as you want. The airbrush makeup reviews helps us to make the right choice when purchasing one. Furthermore, airbrush makeup kit comes with a spray dot pattern thus leaving no traces of brush marks on your face.

Reviews of the Top airbrush makeup kits

Art of Air Airbrush Makeup Kit

makeup kitsThe Art of Air brand is among the cheapest airbrush brands currently selling on Amazon. It goes for 99 USD, and you will also get a full kit to get you started. The kit contains a bronzer, blush, anti-aging primer, shimmer and airbrush foundation color of your choice. The anti-aging primer is for creating the best canvas.

Tickled Pink Airbrush Kit with Medium Shades Makeup

This kit is the best for you even if you are a beginner or a pro. It comes with a compressor with a beautiful and good looking design which works perfectly. It is easy to use as well as light thus it is easy to carry wherever you want. The makeup contains 89 percent of aloe thus suitable for those people who have sensitive skin. The kit also has three shades of aloe based liquid foundations, an AC adapter, small compressor, airbrush holder, flexible hose and an airbrush.

Professional S/D Airbrush Kit by Temptu

For those people who want to be makeup artists with a high reputation, this airbrush kit is the best for you. The kit comes with a collection of foundation shades which enables one to come up with the best appearance for all types of clients. It also has a compressor and a premium airbrush. The compressor has a 30PSI design which is ideal for different application levels. The kit also has an airbrush which gives a steady and smooth air flow. It also has a 4-ounce bottle of cleaner and a kit of cleaning the airbrush.

Belloccio Professional Beauty Airbrush Makeup Kit

The Belloccio system is a professional airbrush kit for the best foundation and cosmetics. The kit has a complete set of makeup and is sold at an affordable price. The kit has an airbrush, compressor, and makeup in four medium shades. The shades may be mixed for custom domino effects. It also has an anti-aging premier for moisturizing purposes. The kit also contains highlighter bottles, bronzer, and blush. You will also get an eye-catching casing and a container of blush as a gift. For the beginners, there will be a user manual for you.

Foundation Deluxe Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit

brushIn case you are willing to buy a fashionable and convenient airbrush system, you will find this deluxe Dinair lit irresistible. This kit comes with many looks, and you will get what is in stock for you once you make an order. The compressor and airbrush come in red, silver white or black color. The apply foundation is resistant to water and sweat making your results to last for 24 hours. The kit has eight shades of foundation which are stunning and versatile. It also has a moisturizer, a stencil kit, a self-tanner and a corrective concealer which are all for designer effects purpose. This system has a fair price which is affordable.…

Reasons To Promote Beauty Product In A Magazine


The future of magazine media is bright with days of opportunity ahead. The reason being that magazine advertising is effective. It offers stable results businesses seek and the trusted content consumers are looking for. The Natura magazine is an excellent example of such media advertisement. Magazine content is up 4 percent year over year across all platforms because consumers continue to demand good content and will pay for it. The magazine media footprint continues to grow as it historically has.

Reasons To Promote Beauty Product In A Magazine

Magazines Offer Readers Brand Relationships

Magazines are relevant to building brands woman with tablet with business media relationships with consumers. The near future of magazines is proving viable because its content and ink produce hard copies of magazines that are wanted in the hands of readers. Marketers find that brands and content are more than ever married to each other and relate best in the images print magazines offer readers.

The Appeal of Magazine Media

One perception is that magazine audiences have declined when the reality is there are more people reading magazine media across multiple platforms. A magazine advertisement can marshal the language of a brand’s story effectively. The magazine media brand experience is a beautiful blend of trusted editorial material and relevant advertising creating a powerful relationship between the brand and the reader. Magazines engage targeted audience segments in creating strategic promotional partnerships.

Magazine Content Is King

Access to premium magazine content readied and published on a scheduled basis is highly anticipated by discerning readers ever hungry to learn more in their interest areas. Quality content helps businesses succeed by propelling media forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products; magazines offer a market of content readers can hold in their hands and savor at leisure.

Visual presentation.

flower and wacth First, visual representations work well in attracting attention towards your product. Nicely done visuals will make readers pause and go through your ad before turning the page over. And, as we all know, pictures can speak a thousand words. Also, it is seen that magazines play the role of an advice giver and convert your ad into a recommendation rather than an in-your-face-buy-my-product sales pitch.


So, when you place your ad in a relevant magazine, doing so automatically lends credibility to your product advertisement, in particular among the magazine’s readership.Magazine advertising can have amazing results when presented in the right way. Do some research and find out the magazines that are hot sellers and place your ad in it to make your product the must-have of the season.…

Makeup For Beginners – Basic Buying Guide

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Cosmetics have been around since early 3500 BC, and have improved much since then. Quite a few women have trouble figuring out which makeup products to buy and what their uses are. Alpha H online stockist can help in guiding you on products that are available. As a beginner what does one look for? What are the basics?

Basic Everyday Cosmetic Products

Face Products

• Toner – Start with a proper face wash and toner. You want the clean skin. Washing and toning your face helps keep your skin clear and pores unclogged and clean.Makeup products
• Moisturizer – Moisturizers are designed to make your skin softer, help control oil and keep your face from drying out or peeling.
• Primer – This is not always an essential product. However, it will help your makeup go on smoothly, conceal any fine lines and help your makeup to last all day long.
• Foundation – A skin color makeup that is applied to the face. It is used to enhance the complexion, coverage of imperfections, flaws, and uneven skin tones. The foundation needs to be a color that is your skin tone.
• Concealer- A little heavier pigmented than foundation. It covers blemish spots, large pores, and under eye circles.
• Translucent powder- After your foundation is applied, translucent powder is best to use if you want your makeup to stay set in place throughout the day. This powder is ideal because it masks imperfections and fines lines.
• Blush-When applied to the apple of your cheeks it will give you a more naturally looking glow and flush look to your cheekbones.

Eye Products

• Eyeshadow – When applied to the eyelid, it can bring the effect of bigger or bolder eyes. It can be applied many different ways, as dark or as light as you desire. You may use an eyeshadow primer so as to limit your chances of getting creases throughout the day.
• Eyeliner – Used to make your eyes look bolder or stand out. It can be applied to the lower and upper lash line to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. You can buy it in many colors.
• Mascara – Used to eEye Productsnhance and make your eyelashes look fuller, longer and thicker. Using a lash curler before this step may give your eyelashes a more lengthened and fuller effect.
• Lipstick or Gloss- Used to make your lips look fuller or stand out against your skin. Varying in colors from the lightest of light to the darkest of dark, it can add a matte to glossy, shimmering pop of life to the face.

Lastly, you will need brushes to help you apply the makeup. Different products have specific brushes to use when applying. Likewise, one needs a good mirror to be able to see as they apply the makeup. With this information, you are well on your way to owning your makeup kit to use.…