Hair Removal

You can get rid of unwanted hair in many various methods. Some recently became available because of advancement of technology while others have been in use since the ancient times.


There is a classic way of shaving. In this method, and gets a sharp razor which they rub them close to the skin. It will give you a brief experience of hairlessness as it cuts the hair. Some individuals have their hair growing back in a short period, so it is a short lived experience. Many people prefer this method because of it cheap and fast.


Plucking is another method for removing unwanted hair. It is usually done to remove an unwanted stray hair on your face or other places. It is commonly used by women to pluck unwanted hair along their lip line or their eyebrows. But it doesn’t scale well, and it can be painful.


It is a popularly known method that people use to remove the unwanted hair. This method works by application of wax on the hair that you want to remove. The wax sticks to the hair which is pulled forcefully, and it comes out with the hair. This is a significantly effective way as it delays the reappearance of the hair though it can be painful.

Depilatory Creams

It is the fastest and easiest way to remove the unwanted hair. These creams are used to remove unwanted hairs in other body areas such as underarm, legs, pubic area and upper lips. The advantages of using depilatory creams are; it can be utilized in a large body area as it is safe and it can be used to remove any hair length. The disadvantage is it can cause irritation and allergies to the people who have sensitive skin.

Home Laser Hair Removal Gadgets

You can now do laser hair removal at the comfort of your home thanks to advancement in technology. Home hair removal gadget like the No No is used to help you stay hair free for a longer time just like the IPL. The disadvantage is it is very expensive to buy this gadget.


The most long lasting and efficient solution for unwanted hair is laser hair removal. It is a safe procedure with no adverse side effects. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for people with light colored hair. But it could put a strain in your pocket as multiple sessions are required to achieve the best results.