Striking Hairstyles For Men With Long Faces

Some men with long faces love keeping hair. Unfortunately, a good number are not always sure about the hairstyle that works for them. Thus, they end up trying different hairstyles, most of which do not look good on them. Ideally, a good hairstyle should be able to conceal some irregularities in your face and bring out the best in you. Ideally, it is all about having something that will balance out your features.

The Buzzman with Long Face

The buzz cut works perfectly on a long face. In some way, it makes the face look fuller, thus injecting some balance into your looks. The good thing about this hairstyle is that it is easy to do and maintain. Besides, it can also be done in many different ways depending on the tastes or preferences of your client.

The slick back

The slick back hair is designed in a way where hair is pushed to the back and the sides. Men with long way should avoid having standing hair at all costs considering that it has the effect of making their face look longer. Pushing hair to the sides or to the back has the effect of adding some width to your face. This hairstyle looks great on men with naturally wavy hair.

Comb over hairstyle

The comb over hairstyle is done by having or pushing the top layer of your hair to either side. After doing this, you might decide to comb the hair at the side downwards or buzz the sides. Doing this will bring in some width especially if you can blend it with a neatly cropped stubble.

Layered bangs

man drinking This hairstyle looks perfect on men with long faces. Most men love it since it helps them cover some part of the face, and make a face appear shorter. Another good thing about this hairstyle is that it provides your hair with some depth and texture. This is actually, what prevents the hair from falling all over the face. The only downside with this hairstyle is that it tends to be selective considering that it looks great on some and not all people with long faces.

Men with long faces should avoid short hair. As a hairstylist, you should see to it that the style chosen suits their facial configuration. Besides having some experience, you also need to have a decent pair of scissors from and other hair styling accessories to make your clients look great.