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Top Five Benefits Of A Hot Towel Shave

The hot towel has multiple health benefits; it results in a smooth skin as it is relaxing. It is the reason behind the hot towel services in the barber’s shops in town. Below are the advantages of using this service once a week.

It Opens Up Your Pores

There is a special cabinet in the barber’s shops that is used to keep these towels heated at the desired temperature. The heat begins to open pores in a few minutes when the hot towels are placed on people’s face before a trim. It is a prime time to start shaving as the hairs soften.

It Provides A Closer Shave

Shaving can begin if the pores are open, and the hair is soft. It is often important to move the blade in the direction of the grain.  One can obtain a closer shave by this procedure quickly than using a handful of cream and scrapping away. Later look at the mirror and see how much healthier the skin will look. It will feel very smooth when you touch.salon service

It Ex-foliates

The hot towel shaves double as an ex-foliating treatment in addition to clipping your whiskers. It is because each swipe made the blade remove four layers of dead skin cells. It will allow healthy skin to breathe if you make this process a weekly event. The skin will look more attractive and radiant to everyone who walks in.

Removes In-Grown Hairs

Removal of ingrown hairs is another advantage associated with this type of weekly grooming. A few spots of blood appear when you use your straight razor. It is caused by pulling out the roots of ingrown hairs. The bumps and the blood spot that may be seen during the trim will quickly disappear. There is no need to be afraid.

It Creates A Resistance To Razor Burn

You may experience a mild irritation the first time you try to use a hot towel shave. But this won’t always be the case. A man’s skin face will start developing a resistance to bumps that show at the first few treatments, itching, and burning.

A vegetable steamer works well if you want to try this at home and you don’t have a particular heating cabinet. Always remember to use a pair of tongs when removing hot towels as they are heated, make them be at a tolerable temperature by waving them around for few seconds to avoid burning your skin.…